An in-depth look behind the curtain at Hollywood visual effects, the craft of storytelling, and the people who make magic for screens both big and small. Hosted by showbiz veterans and new media entrepreneurs Sean Apple, PJ Foley, and Efram Potelle.
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Warning! The Ten Giant Robots podcast is guaranteed to contain spoilers. We're professionals, so we need to discuss the finer aspects of the craft. We may also use “professional, Hollywood language” from time to time. Keep away from uninitiated ears. -10GR

Episode 4 – Surfing Short Coattails

We share what inspired us to pursue these careers and learn to surf on other's coattails! Wow, that was a long time ago. Old Business Efram challenges PJ’s notion that Nathan from Ex Machina knows he’s bringing about the extinction of the human race An impartial third...

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Ten Giant Robots is a Podcast!

The words hung in the air for a moment, and then agreement was struck. We all thought we could. But did we? No, not for months. A little discussion was had here and there, of course. But would the idea come to fruition?

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