Ten Giant Robots invade 2016

Stand by! We're getting resynchronized after enjoying the holidays. But worry not! Ten Giant Robots is standing by to invade 2016 with more episodes.

Episode 6 – Master of All; Jack of None

Episode 6 – Master of All; Jack of None

Episode 6: We continue our journey into our Hollywood destinies  while Sean tries to recall all the times he's been fired. Meanwhile, Efram just chooses to win his way into your television.

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Ten Giant Robots is a Podcast!

Ten Giant Robots is a Podcast!

“I'm thinking we could do a podcast.”

The words hung in the air for a moment, and then agreement was struck. We all thought we could. But did we? No, not for months. A little discussion was had here and there, of course. But would the idea come to fruition?

And then, behind my back…

The decision was made for me. The proper space for our recording was no longer in my purview. The microphones of choice were researched. The setup was made. Now all we had to do was SHOW UP.

And it would probably help if we knew what we'd talk about. So, with our writer's brains we knew the best advice was always to write what you know. In this case, we'd just blab about what we know. So, what do we know?

Visual Effects, Storytelling, Production, and navigating the industry of Hollywood as an artist.


As you dive into our pilot, you'll probably notice we're finding our footing. But we soon conclude what we're going to share with you: stories, anecdotes, experiences that might help you enter the world of Visual Effects. Or, maybe we can just keep you company while you hammer away at a shot into the umpteenth revision late at night, again, after everyone else has gone home.

As we go forward, we're going to share advice for newbies and veterans alike. We'll have guests on board that will showcase the figures within the industry as well as in orbit of it. These are the people that can inspire all the directions a career in visual effects can take you.


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