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Welcome to Ten Giant Robots: an in-depth look behind the curtain of Hollywood visual effects, the craft of storytelling, and the people who make the magic for screens both big and small. We're your showbiz veterans, new media entrepreneurs, and all-around career hacker hosts, Sean Apple, PJ Foley, and Efram Potelle.

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Efram Potelle

Efram Potelle

Director, Supervisor, Writer, and Artist

Efram is an award-winning filmmaker with over twenty years experience. In the last decade he's directed over ten award-winning short films, one of which was considered for an Oscar nomination. In 2003 he was chosen out of thousands to direct the Miramax feature “The Battle of Shaker Heights” starring Shia LeBeouf.
A talented illustrator, editor, visual effects artist and sound designer, Efram brings a variety of skills to the table, allowing him to execute a dynamic directorial vision.

IMDB will give you the scoop

Sean Apple

Sean Apple

Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur

Sean is a visual effects artist, writer, actor, painter, and entrepreneur. He's been nominated for a VES award for his work on the acclaimed TV series “Battlestar Galactica” and won an Emmy as part of the VFX team for “Star Trek: Voyager”. He's currently developing a one-man sci-fi feature film, developing a universal story theory, and co-developing a new kind of writing software. Sean lives in Los Angeles and likes long walks on the beach.

IMDB for some extra stuff.

PJ Foley

PJ Foley

Entrepreneur, VFX Producer, Web Dude

Experienced VFX Supervisor and Producer over numerous productions for over 15 years. From children's television to commercial projects to effects-driven action films, PJ has directly managed teams and technology and watched it all evolve from nearly the beginning of television CG VFX. He's also into taking his car to the racetrack and hacking his health and fitness all while grilling up great BBQ and mixing a fine Old Fashioned. His role model is Buckaroo Bonzai.

His IMDB profile

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