The whiskey cast. And an animatic anecdote. And back to the Weta Effect video–again!

  • (We no longer cross-post to YouTube. Maybe if demand is expressed, we'll return to that.)
  • GarageBand is regressing– no more podcast features
  • Logic Pro X is our recording platform
  • Then a rundown on how we're posting our podcast
  • Sean's catch-up
  • Efram's catch-up
    • Working on his short…and working on getting work!
    • Sorry about the g-g-g-glitch on the “soft hold”
    • Pay to Play. Kill Fees. What are they? Will a vfx artist ever get one?
  • Lessons learned with hiring or being hired
    • PJ's guess about what percentage of jobs make no money
    • And introducing the concept of the bonding company
      • we'll need to follow up more on this in the future
  • SAG possibly striking for videogame voice actors
  • Obama has acknowledged the plights of freelancers
    • There's a freelancer union
    • Freelancers are, on average, missing $6000 in compensation a year (sited from the Freelancers Union)
    • …and the Canadian subsidies!
  • Interviews are teased… and other nonsense
  • Weta Effect … Part II!
    • Questions and Answers about the Questions and Answers
    • And is the problem with Prometheus* the VFX?
    • Correction: The other giant (dead) aliens in Alien were not “Starshooters
    • Efram's argument against the Weta Effect video
    • Sean thinks the video creator's intention has to do with the strengths of movies themselves
    • Augmented Reality games
  • The origin of the name “Ten Giant Robots”

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